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Videos & Photos

The Director of Google’s Self-Driving Car Program Talks About the Future of Autonomous Vehicles
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Mercedes On The Way To Autonomous Driving
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Launch – Self Driving Cars: Tesla Promises Autopilot By 2016
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Next Big Thing – Self-Driving Cars: So Many Reasons, So Many Hurdles
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USDOT – Vehicle to Vehicle Communication
View Video (9:51)

Michigan Department of Transportation Safety Pilot
View Video (3:23)

Connected Vehicle Test Bed
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Autonomous Cars 101, with Brad Templeton
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V.I.I. Video (From 2007)
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Volvo Autonomous Driving Pilot Project Overview
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Autonomous Driving By Volvo
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Audi’s Automatic Driving In Traffic Jams
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Mercedes Benz: Automated Driving
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BMW Autonomous Car Future Hands Free Driving
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Future of Tucking: Big Rigs Become Robot Convoys
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The Road Train SARTRE
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Volvo Cars Presents The SARTRE Road Train Project
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The Volvo SARTRE Road Train Video
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SARTRE Documentary (Part 2): Safe Road Trains For The Environment
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TEDx – Autonomous Vehicles
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Autonomous Vehicle Regulations Workshop Part 1
View Video (1:48:55)

Sven Beiker – Autonomous Vehicles – Sooner Than You Think And Different Than You Might Expect
View Video (1:14:36)