What is an automatic screw locking machine? And how does it work in the industrial automation assembly line?

What is an automatic screw locking machine? 

In the world of industry there are nearby basic processes that are completely involved in the creation of a final product. Normally, the mistake is made of investing in the central part of the company, that part of production that is responsible for the most important, and the basic processes are forgotten. This is done by the lack of information from the entrepreneur, who does not handle the active data to verify that any acceleration of these processes will influence the final result of the product as well.

One of the processes that are not taken into account is the screwing of bases or parts in a product. Most of the work can be done manually by experts in the field, who will work on a pre-established schedule and will continue to perform their work at a certain speed. But the difference in updating this task by means of an automatic screw locking machine can be seen immediately.

An automatic screw locking machine is as the name implies, a machine designed to collect previously prepared screws, and by means of a program given by an operator, screw those screws in the exact places where they are programmed to do so. It also uses the appropriate and dictated pressure to do so.

handheld automatic screw locking machine

handheld automatic screw locking machine

The automatic screw locking machine locks and picks the screws tightly and gently of your electronic device, like a calculator, mobile phone, laptop, etc. The machine is easy to use with automatic locking and picking power for the screws. The machine is a fast and time-saving machine for industrial use.

This screwing process, when performed by a machine, ends up being extremely fast (10 times faster than normal time) and at the same time, the margin of error in screwing is reduced to only 0.01%. With this, we end up having high quality products, simply and quickly, which also greatly reduces the cost of production.

How does an automatic screw locking machine work?

The truth this machine may seem complicated but it is much simpler than it seems. First, the bases with the products to be screwed must be placed, then, by means of a scanner, the machine must be programmed to mark exactly where the holes should be made. Then the screw pressure and speed are programmed.

Now, the operator must manually place the base in place with the corresponding part. The machine will start its operation in a simple way: Move your tip to the screw dispenser, take advantage of it is magnetized which will attract the screw, then go to the piece, and perform the screwing in the right place and with the pressure scheduled.

The machine will repeat the process until the whole piece has been screwed, at that time, the piece must be manually removed and the next one placed. In this way the machine will keep performing the operation for which it was programmed, until the entire order is finished.

What improvements brings the automatic screwing done by the automatic screw locking machine?

First of all, the working time is greatly reduced and at the same time efficient work is maintained by also reducing the preparation time between pieces. Less time in screwing means more production of daily products.

Following this, the staff is greatly reduced, returning to this machine a valuable asset which will pay itself in just half a year. Less employees means less wages to pay.

Finally, the margins of errors are almost nil. Something that ends up producing higher quality, faster.

automatic screw locking machine

automatic screw locking machine

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