Automation Levels Of Screw Feeder Machine And Screw Driver Systems

Automation Levels Of Screw Feeder Machine And Screw Driver Systems
Automation has truly made work easy and more efficient. For production plants and assembly lines, it is simply not feasible to meet their production requirement and maintain manual labor or workforce. Assembly automation not only enables the achievement of higher work efficiency and accuracy but also reduces labor costs drastically. This contributes to reducing a company’s expenses as well as boosting its unit production rate.

Besides benefiting the company’s bottom line, automation greatly improves work quality by delivering accuracy and precision. They help improve the product’s quality and compete well in the consumer market. Two major assembly automation processes are automatic screw feeder systems and automatic screwdriver systems. These automated processes work by using various devices provided by automatic feed screwdriver system manufacturers.

Automatic Screw Feeder & Locking Machine manufacturer

Automatic Screw Feeder & Locking Machine manufacturer

These automated devices are a definite improvement of their manual predecessor and have made them obsolete in productions house and assembly plants. There are different levels of automation available for these devices. They are chosen according to the production or assembly task criteria for feeding and fastening different types and sizes of screws.
Automation Levels of Screw Feeder Systems

Automatic screw feeder machine manufacturers have provided simple/generic, semi and fully automated versions of screw feeding devices. Here is a brief detail on various levels of automation for screw driving systems.

• Simple Automatic Screw Feeders
These simple or generic type of screw presenters are independent devices that only feed the screws in an orderly fashion. The screws are loaded into these feeders in bulk. The device sorts these screws and files them to be supplied in an organized queue.
There are various mechanisms used in these assembly automation screw feeders for the express purpose of sorting and supplying screws to be tightened. Some feeders use, compressed airs, others sort by magnetic or vibration bowl methods, etc. These methods do have certain limitations for the size, type, and material of the screw to be sorted. But the automatic screw feeder machine manufacturers have options for feeding devices for any type of screws.
These devices can only sort and present screws in proper order. After sorting, the screws can be pick up by hand or by any number of automated screwdriver systems to be lock in their place. Using only an automated screw presenter still requires manual assistance to finish any production or assembly task.

• Semi-Automatic Screw Feeding
The Semi-automatic screw feeders work by sorting the screws loaded in bulk using various sorting processes. These assembly automation screw feeders then supply the screws in a constant stream using a supply mechanism which in most cases are nozzles and pipelines. With these supply mechanisms, the screws are directly placed in their holes. Then they are fastened using some automated screw driving system. This semi-automated screw feeding process eliminates manual handling of the screws or a mechanism of picking and placing them. But an operator is still required to switch the devices between feeder and driver to finish the assembly.

• Fully Automatic Screw Feeding Systems
These are competent devices provided by the automatic feed screwdriver system manufacturers. These fully automated screw feeding systems are loaded with screws that are sorted and supplied in a constant stream through a delivery mechanism. This delivery mechanism is attached to an automated screw driving system. The feeder present the screws and the drivers fasten them simultaneously. These devices need limited labor assistant for loading or unloading the product under assembly. While the movable version is available in the form of a robotic arm that works without the operator’s assistance. These smart devices only need minimal supervision and work smoothing in multiple dimensions.
Automation Levels of Screw Driving Systems

There are three types of screw driving systems provided by automated screw driving system manufacturers. Following is a detailed brief on how these devices have facilitated various production and assembly lines:

Simple Automatic Screwdrivers
These are the most common type of automatic screwdrivers and are also known as electric screwdrivers. These devices are available in cord and cordless versions to meet the operator’s preference. They use the toque to fasten the screws nice and tight. The work by simply aiming at the screw head placed in its hole and then gently pressing it to lock or unlock it.
The simple or generic screwdriver systems only fasten a screw in its place and require them to be placed in their holes by hand or by some screw feeding system. This means that these devices are dependent on an operator another mechanism for presenting screws to achieve the intended task.

Semi-Automatic Screw Driving
The semi-automated screwdrivers are provided by the automated screw driving system manufacturers to facilitate the screw fastening processes. These screwdrivers have a built-in mechanism to collect the screw already sorted by any type of simple feeder and then placing them in a position to be fastened. There are various ways to picking a screw using these semi-automated screw driving systems such as magnetic tip, suction, pneumatic method, etc. The tip of the automated driver is aimed at the screws presented in line by an automatic screw feeder system and one screw at a time is picked up. Then the driver’s tip with the screw is pointed at the hole and with the screw is released and fastened. The control for collecting and releasing the screws along the grip line of the device for easy use. This task requires only one hand for completion.

Automatic Screw Feeders System Manufacturers in china

Automatic Screw Feeders System Manufacturers in china

Fully Automatic Screwdriver Systems
The fully automated screwdrivers are used for high-end sophisticated assembly automation. These are combination devices provided by the automatic feed screwdriver system manufacturers. This is where the feeder supplies sorted screws through a delivery pipeline or nozzle to the screw driver’s tip and lock simultaneously. These are highly efficient devices and are available in the form of handheld, fixed, and robotic arm versions.
These are the various levels of automation for automated screw feeding and driving system. The choice of using them in assembly or production lines depends on the task requirements the type of screws being used.