Benefits of using automatic screw locking machines



automatic screw locking machine


Automatic screw locking machine is an imitation of manual screwing equipment which can achieve semi-automatic loading and fully automatic pick-up and locking screw operation. It is faster than manual operation and several times faster than manual operation so it will be more advantageous for screwing.


1. Now is an era of efficiency, enterprises can only carry out a reasonable increase in efficiency to reduce costs, screwing previously required a large number of labor costs, and the use of automatic screw locking machine equipment can be a good solution to this problem. An automatic screw locking machine can effectively replace the 2-3 operators and can do for the enterprise to control costs.


2. The automatic screw tightening machine has higher locking accuracy.  Manual lock pay operation sometimes because of workers operating electric screwdriver proficiency is not the same resulting in the final lock pay quality will appear great deviation.  If the use of automatic locking screw machine equipment to operate this situation can be very good to avoid, automatic locking screw machine using coordinate type positioning operation, once the parameters are set up, basically can ensure the lock accuracy of the product.


3. The automatic screw locking machine can better control the quality and achieve unified management.  Each batch of products produced by screw machine equipment is basically the same, the more there is not too much deviation in quality.  Enterprises can also improve production capacity and quality to a certain extent after purchasing equipment.  It can also maximize productivity.


4. Automatic screw products will not be secondary pollution.  In the automatic screw locking machine, the machine does almost all the work.  Mainly including screw feeding, screening, locking screws and other work, and manual operation only feeding and auxiliary detection.  Therefore, the products produced are completely free of direct human interference, and screw products are completely free of secondary pollution.

automatic screw feeder machine

Now automatic screw fastening machine has been widely used in the electronic industry automatic assembly line and auto screw automatic assembly industry as long as the use of screws in the field can use automatic screw locking machine for screw assembly, to replace the manual screw locking operation.  Automatic locking screw equipment according to the scheme type, the equipment is more diversified.  Non-standard automation equipment can be customized according to customer requirements, design of its sort is more, common are: bring about mechanical arm lock screw machine, portable lock screw machine, horizontal lock pay plan, dual system lock, lock back-to-back pay for gantry structure, as well as drilling, glue, automatically send nuts, automatically send artifacts, etc.  This not only reduces labor costs but also improves production efficiency.  Therefore, the use of a can save manpower, and improve the production line of automatic locking screw machine is the inevitable choice of small and medium-sized enterprises in the future.

Classification of screw locking machines

Hand-held automatic screw locking machine – release one hand out, hold the electric batch with one hand, lockfast, feed fast.  There is no need to draw screws back and forth in the production process, as long as the hole can be aligned.  Hand-held screw machine is generally in order to deal with the product quantity is less, more kinds of manufacturers can be applied to different kinds of products for screw lock pay.  Generally, the speed can reach 2 seconds per particle, and the specific speed depends on the proficiency level of employees.


Desktop double Y-axis automatic screw locking machine – PLC system control, double Y-axis alternate operation, the machine can work non-stop and save 3-4 people in labor. It has some differences from the three-axis screw machine, it can put the product on one side and lock and pay on the other side when one side is locked and immediately proceed to lock the other product.


Multi-axis automatic screw locking machine — 2-20 shafts (manufacturers can customize the number of shafts according to the number of screws), 2-20 electric batches at the same time, complete the multi-screw locking payment.  Save labor 5-10 people when a product is locked immediately after the next product, almost always in a few seconds to complete a product lock payment.


Servo automatic screw locking machine – torque control, real-time data display, fast lock speed.  Save 3-5 people, it is generally used for high precision products.  The general price is higher, but its configuration also is higher than the general screw machine, the quality that the lock pays is better, product defect rate is extremely low.


After comparing the advantages and disadvantages of the multi-function screw tightening machine, we can find that its advantages outweigh the disadvantages. As long as the quality of the manufacturer passes the test, as a service provider focusing on the screw fastening industry, we insist on taking quality as the foundation through our own continuous efforts. , customers are the purpose, technology is the driving force, and win-win is the goal. Combining its own advantages and years of industry experience, it has developed a number of products in the industry. It solves the production efficiency and product qualification rate for enterprise customers, replaces a lot of labor, improves the product quality, production capacity, reduces production and labor costs, and greatly enhances the customer’s corporate image.