How does an automatic screw feeder machine work and what are its advantages?

What is automatic screw feeder machine?

Automatic screw feeder machine is an assembly equipment manufactured for the task of supplying screws and screws in the field of automation, assembly of components, electronic circuit boards, machinery, smart phones, electricity Wireless phones, computers, navigation screens, sound boxes, cameras, small devices, toys … The machine has the function of quickly and accurately aligning screws. The machine can be used to classify and supply screws for assembly for different types of screw heads …and so on.

automatic screw feeder machine

automatic screw feeder machine

How does an automatic screw feeder machine work?

The screwing process is quite important in the culmination of the final product of different companies. This process is usually done to attach parts of great importance to the bases of the product, and also to place the protective layers against external agents that are damaged. However, screwing is not only based on the automatic screw locking machine, put in place for the screwing process, there must be previously classified and ordered screws. That’s where the automatic screw feeder machine enters the scene.

This machine works in a very simple way and with an equally simple purpose. Its mission is to place in a row, in a production line, the screws that will be used by the screwdriver.

For this, this machine has a tank where the container with all the screws that are used are placed. In this vessel, a rotating process can be observed that ends with a kind of device that separates the screws one by one and places them in a thin and simple line.

In this line they will be transported vertically to the dispenser, which will place the screws in the same position, only for the screwdriver to take them with its magnetized tip and perform the screwing process.

And what are its advantages?

Obviously, if we left this job to a person, the process would be extremely slowed. Recall that the main advantage of owning a screwing machine is the realization of the screwing process and again quickly. However, if screws are not supplied at the same speed as the machine screws, there are long periods between which the screws are supplied.

This will not only slow down the process of selecting and preparing screws, but also screwing.

With an automatic screw feeder machine, the process can be regulated at the discretion of the operator. This will program the machine, to release a certain amount of screws, at a specific speed. This seeks to streamline all procedures in this area.

Now we must add another advantage to it. When human personnel are used, parts are normally wasted. The necessary material is not always taken, and they may end up losing the remaining screws. This may not seem like a loss when we talk immediately (a couple of screws a day is not something serious). However, in the long run the loss of materials is increasing.

Most screw feeder machines, the ability of automatic counting. This takes control of a few screws have been dispatched, and in this way they take into account how much material is spent.

Finally, there is the advantage over the personnel in the area. A simple automatic screw dispensing machine the ordering process on the screwdriver greatly. Only one person is required to fill the screw container again from time to time, and the machine will order them. The fewer employees in an area, the costs are reduced and therefore, the cost of production is also reduced. A great benefit, for just something so simple.

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