The use of automatic screw locking machine for the production of delicate products

The automatic screw locking machine locks and picks the screws tightly and gently of your electronic device, like a calculator, mobile phone, laptop, etc. The machine is easy to use with automatic locking and picking power for the screws. The machine is a fast and time-saving machine for industrial use.

The fact of using an automatic screw locking machine does not always mean that work is sought with mass production procedures. Obviously you have the advantages of speed by increasing the screwing processes 10 times, and the profitability of these devices for mass production is also taken into account, but in some cases they are sought for more unique procedures: the screwing of delicate products.

automatic screw locking machine

automatic screw locking machine

There are products which make it difficult to fix them to bases by means of screws manually. A classic example is motherboards or electronic cards of computerized products.

These cards, are made of a weak material and not very resistant to pressure, in addition to having hundreds of electronic compounds that if perforated equivocally, could end up damaging parts that are quite expensive.

How benefits the use of these machines to the procedures of screwing in delicate materials?

First of all, the automatic screw locking machine has an infallible programming system. By means of this programming, it is sought to indicate to the machine where exactly it will make the holes. After programmed for this, this will perform the procedure with a minimum of failure. In this way the electronic compounds will not be drilled in any way, and the structure of the products will be maintained at their maximum.

Following this, weak materials are susceptible to yield under the pressure of a very tightly screwed screw, or to be damaged by the movement of a screw that is not well fixed. To do this, these machines also have a pressure programming system: you can tell the screwdriver how much pressure you should exert on the screw. In this way you will have a strongly fixed piece, but without the possibility of breaking by chance.

Having already touched the precision and pressure, we must talk about the screwed position. When placing a screw, if done with a common screwdriver, there is a possibility that the screw enters into the slightly crooked piece.

This may not seem like something serious at one time, but a screw that is screwed in a twist, does not fit completely and gives the risk that when tightened with little pressure, break the material, or worse, be isolated making it impossible to remove.

Therefore, these machines come with a simple secret: the piece that is responsible for performing the screwing process, is covered with the same clamp that holds it, and in turn, this clamp is flat head. The secret lies in placing the head of the flat clamp on the material and after this start turning the screwed device. With this the automatic screw locking machine will place the screw in perfect straight position and there will be no risk of damage.

Speed ​​in delicate processes

Finally, these processes are usually done by experts in the area from which you come from these delicate products. If they are done manually, it can take a long time to screw, however, since it is a previously programmed machine, the procedure will not take more than a few minutes. This ensures a clean, safe and fault-free process quickly.

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