The use of automatic screw locking machine in the manufacturing of electronic components

Electronic components are currently one of the most requested demands in the modern world. However, their manufacture and use entails not only the fact of their creation, but also their fixation and protection to the structures in which they will be used.

These components cannot be fixed with glues or substances, since these can affect the integrity of the cards and damage them, for them perforations are normally used by means of screws that attach the electronic card to a base, but this is not as simple as It seems.

These cards are made of silicone, a material that does not precisely stand out for its hardness, and any excess pressure on them could split them as if it were a cookie. In addition to this, the screws must go at specific points: the slightest error could damage one of the electronic circuits, which would completely damage a device that is usually expensive.

automatic screw locking machine

automatic screw locking machine


What advantages do automatic screw locking machines offer in the Electronics area?

We already talked about the fragility of the material where the work of screwing is done. It is imperative that this be fixed to its plates, otherwise, the fact of moving inside it would damage its circuits.

But being so susceptible to breaking through pressure or being damaged by poorly screwed down, it ends up requiring professional labor in the area, and yet there is always the possibility of error.

With the use of the automatic screw locking machine, this goes from being somewhat complex, to something much easier to handle and with a minimum error rate (0.01%).

The programming in this machine is designed to be able to place the pieces in it, and she will be in charge of placing the screws in the pieces with the maximum possible precision. In this way the circuits are not affected by having been drilled where it was not due. In addition to this, a pressure graduate can be performed, with this, the necessary pressure is set to fix the piece without finishing it, they are very tight and run the risk of breaking. Having already solved the two main problems of screwing the base, you get a massive advantage.

But, that’s not all these systems offer. The automatic screw locking machine gives the possibility of a chain work, completely supplying the experts in charge of fixing the electronic cards in any device. A lower staff, lower production costs and much higher profit for a company, which will continue to produce top quality products.

As if that weren’t enough, this device is constant and with a set screw time per piece. The variations in these times are minimal, which allows a much faster and chain production than manual screwing, added to this, is constant and does not need a prolonged rest as a worker, so he will continue working until he completes his goal.

With a great demand for electronic devices, the fact of supplying the screwed-in processes for something much more modern and approves of errors is a huge gain compared to other companies. So much so that any company that faces one with these facilities without having them, runs the risk of losing its market completely.

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