Multiple Spindle Rotation Automatic Screw Tightening Machine And Automatic Screw Fastening Machine

Multiple Spindle Rotation Automatic Screw Tightening Machine And Automatic Screw Fastening Machine

Multiple Spindle Rotation Automatic Screw Tightening Machine And Automatic Screw Fastening Machine

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In-line Multiple Spindle Rotation Automatic Screw Tightening Machine And Automatic Screw Fastening Machine

Product Specification:

Machine constructionMachine dimension:About 1900*800*600mm(according to products size)
XYZ Dimension:X:800mm Y:400mm Z:200mm
Voltage:AC 220V 50HZ
Power:about 300W-750W
Temp :-20℃-40℃
Frame:Steel plate + rectangular tube +aluminum alloy frame
Conveying way:Lead screw robo cylinder+servo motor+Electricaland pneumatic combination
Screw feeding way:BM6-Z self-feedig
Screw lock speed:1.5-2.5 sec/time;(Depends route and screw length)
Max running speed:500mm/s
Control systemMain control programMitsubishi PLC Control
HMITouch screen
Program inputCoordinate input or Teaching input
CommunicationSerial port RS232C
Program storage50 group (according to customer request edit program,program free switch)
Posistion precisionPosistion precisionPANASONICS servo motor +Driver   X,Y:+/-0.05mm
PANASONICS servo bake motor+Driver(option) Z:+/-0.02mm
ScrewdriverScrewdriver modelHJ-HSF-50N
Screw feederFeeding module modelBM6-Z
Application rangeXYZ lock rangeAccording to customer products size
Z axis lock range0-100mm.Special dimension need customize
Screw lock products sizeAccording to customer products size
Products&fixture sizeAccording to customer products size
DetectionScrew slip detectionYes
Screw leakage detectionYes
NG Screw tighen detectionAlarm light + buzzer on
OptionalCCDTeaching  assitant position

About Product :

Used to finished product assembly screws locking , ensure the products good packaging function

Dimension:1900*800*600mm;Effective Run range:800*400*200mm(Adjustable by product size )

Electrical configuration:BM6-Z high precision Z axis lock module,THK KK-60 cylinder,SMC components ,PANASONICS motor driver ,Japan HIOS Screwdriver bits ,WEINVIEW Touch screen,        KEYENCE FOS,MISUMI Vacuum tube .

Machine working process :Manually Load products –>Auto jig position –>Locking module auto running–>Auto finished lock screw –>Mannually Unload products .

EXCEL File coordinate import

Adopt JanpanBM6-Z lock module+Directly intelligent screening feeder.

Machine automatic finished locking screw according to pre-set coordinate.

Replacement products just need modifty PLC lock point coordinates ,

High first pass yield and precision ,Lock screw quality is stable and reliable,

Auxiliary function: screw slip detection, screw lock leakage detection,

Screw floating lock detection, bad screw statistics, screw in detection

CCD visual programming function, to ensure good accuracy and convenience

With HJ-HSF-50Nservo electricdriver system

Suitable For:Toys,photoelectric,computer,and Plastic products.

1. Versatile, rugged and are “automatic feeder ready”

2. Flexibility: Standard universal fixtures are suitable for a wide range of production requirements.

3. Extensive versatility: M1-M4 screw locking can be achieved by replacing the feed screw module.

4. Floor Stand or Desktop type can be placed on the production line.

5. High-rigidity aluminum alloy multi-axis design ensures reliability and accuracy.

6. More user-friendly touch screen or teaching pendant operation, easy to operate. External technical parameters and manual test functions can be directly adjusted by the technician.

7. The screw locking mechanism can work without a teach pendant connection.
8. ODM or OEM is OK.


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