How to choose an automatic locking screw machine? What are its advantages and disadvantages?

The automatic locking screw machine realizes the automatic feeding, tightening, testing and other processes of screws through various electric and pneumatic components, and simplifies the screw tightening process through equipment, so as to reduce the number of labor and reduce the adverse factors caused by manual misoperation. It is a typical non-standard automation equipment. So how should you choose an automatic locking screw machine? What are its advantages and disadvantages?


When many customers consult the automatic screw fastening machine, they do not know how to choose the automatic locking screw machine. In fact, they choose according to their own products. The first is to take samples to test whether they are suitable or not to design and customize according to the user’s product characteristics and needs. Then follow these 4 steps, automatic screening, automatic feeding, whether to float teeth, whether to repeat feeding. If these 4 steps are completely passed, then this is a relatively perfect automatic locking screw machine.

handheld automatic screw locking machine

handheld automatic screw locking machine

Advantages of automated screw fastening machine:

  1. Compared with the automatic locking screw machine, the traditional manual screw locking machine is directly transported to the batch nozzle, which saves the time of operation and improves the efficiency and stability.
  2. The operation of the automatic locking screw machine is that multiple tightening ports work together synchronously, which improves productivity and reduces labor costs.
  3. The automatic locking screw machine has accurate torque, convenient adjustment, and ensures the locking quality.
  4. High degree of automation and simple operation, employees can quickly master the operation and debugging.
  5. To reduce the labor intensity of workers, the traditional manual placement of screws and alignment of the screw heads require a lot of work time and energy.
  6. Strong versatility and small size, it can cooperate with production line operations, and it is convenient to replace products.
automatic feed screwdriver systems manufacturer from china

automatic feed screwdriver systems manufacturer from china

Four disadvantages of automatic screwdriver machine:

  1. The position of the locking screw should be as uniform as possible to avoid different depths, uneven surface, narrow space, etc.
  2. Use the multi-axis lock multi-function screw machine and try to use screws of the same specification on the same product
  3. The screws used should have less defects such as foreign objects, mixed materials, flower heads, etc., otherwise the machine will not work smoothly
  4. The selected screws should be commonly used, a large number, and a small variety to improve the use efficiency of the automatic multi-function screw machine


After comparing the advantages and disadvantages of the multi-function screw tightening machine, we can find that its advantages outweigh the disadvantages. As long as the quality of the manufacturer passes the test, as a service provider focusing on the screw fastening industry, we insist on taking quality as the foundation through our own continuous efforts. , customers are the purpose, technology is the driving force, and win-win is the goal. Combining its own advantages and years of industry experience, it has developed a number of products in the industry. It solves the production efficiency and product qualification rate for enterprise customers, replaces a lot of labor, improves the product quality, production capacity, reduces production and labor costs, and greatly enhances the customer’s corporate image.