Automatic locking screw machine classification and characteristics

In the field of intelligent manufacturing, any kind of product has a corresponding screw locking equipment thus the models of automatic screw locking machine can be countless. We can divide them into categories such as Hand-held automatic screw locking machine, XYZ platform automatic screw locking machine, Multi-axis automatic screw locking machine. These screw locking machines have their own characteristics and advantages.

handheld automatic screw locking machine

Handheld automatic screw locking machine is easy to operate, more versatile as well as being able to generalize the product in a certain range of screws.

  •  M2~M5 screws are applicable.
  •  Fast speed and high efficiency in screw output.
  •  Large feeder bin capacity. It can place 3000 screws at one time.

automatic screw locking machine

XYZ platform automatic screw locking machine is more flexible in operation and can be programmed by PLC to locking screws automatically by pre-set position. The PLC controller is like the brain of the automatic screw locking machine which controls the operation of the whole machine. The degree of automation of the automatic screw locking machine also depends on the performance of the PLC technology.

  •  The position of the screws scattered around can also be set and the settings are more flexible to apply.
  •  The machine is controlled more precisely by the PLC setting program.
  •  The machine uses the servo system, high efficiency as well as accurate positioning of locking screws.

automatic screw locking machine

Multi-axis automatic screw locking machine can design the position and number of axes according to the product. For example, the 8-hole row of plug lock attached screws. The engineer first to fixes the position of the shaft and then confirms the position of the product and locking screws by the fixture. After setting, the machine can lock eight screws at one time. One operator can easily finish a large number of locking screws. This machine is suitable for companies that process a large number of fixed products.

  •  It can lock several screws at one time which is suitable for fixed products.
  •  Can be customized according to customers’ requirements. The machine is strictly customized according to the customer’s product, screw and production requirements.
  •  Automatic system detection. For example counting function, anti-leakage function, screw slip tooth and floating lock detection, etc.

Advantages of automatic screw fastening machine:

1. The machine will automatically lock the screws. Only one operator completed the loading and unloading. It can save labor costs and improve the efficiency of production assembly. One person is equivalent to the efficiency of 3-5 people.

2. The machine can be designed for horizontal, oblique and multi-directional simultaneous feeding and locking mechanism to meet a variety of production needs.

3. The machine can continuously provide screws, set the torque and can choose to provide the counting function, anti-leakage function, screw slip teeth and floating lock detection, etc.

4. The machine is automatically connected. After setting the program to lock a workpiece will automatically go to lock another workpiece. No need to repeat manual operations to complete efficient work.

5. Long service life, reduces investment costs.

6. Good image: intelligent automation equipment makes the enterprise production scene new, establishing the enterprise’s high-tech image.


After comparing the advantages and disadvantages of the multi-function screw tightening machine, we can find that its advantages outweigh the disadvantages. As long as the quality of the manufacturer passes the test, as a service provider focusing on the screw fastening industry, we insist on taking quality as the foundation through our own continuous efforts. , customers are the purpose, technology is the driving force, and win-win is the goal. Combining its own advantages and years of industry experience, it has developed a number of products in the industry. It solves the production efficiency and product qualification rate for enterprise customers, replaces a lot of labor, improves the product quality, production capacity, reduces production and labor costs, and greatly enhances the customer’s corporate image.