Assembly automation mass production thanks to automatic feed screwdriver system and automatic screw locking machine

China is a country that is considered the leading edge of mass production of different types of devices. Mass production allows you to maintain a strong and stable economy, therefore, production is continuous and without stopping. However, many of the companies outside of China, seek to produce mass but do not do so with the same effectiveness as this country.

The difference is not about the personnel applied, nor the studies achieved. China, always seeks to enter the forefront, and for this it seeks to obtain the most advanced machinery to be able to produce quickly and effectively.

Seeing this, we understand why a simple procedure that is normally delegated to humans can be accelerated in a gigantic way using the appropriate machinery.

automatic screw driving machine

automatic screw driving machine

The use of automatic screw feeder machine allows the screws to be ready to be placed without delay. In addition, these machines in addition to ordering them, perform the counting of the pieces to minimize their waste, something that does not happen with the human factor.

Automatic screw feeder machine is an assembly equipment manufactured for the task of supplying screws and screws in the field of automation, assembly of components, electronic circuit boards, machinery, smart phones, electricity Wireless phones, computers, navigation screens, sound boxes, cameras, small devices, toys … The machine has the function of quickly and accurately aligning screws. The machine can be used to classify and supply screws for assembly for different types of screw heads …and so on.

On the other hand, the automatic screw locking machine works tirelessly and with a fixed working time. With just placing the pieces to be screwed in the base, the machine will perform the work for which it was programmed, with only one possibility of 1 per thousand error. This translates into rapid production, which with the right staff can multiply the dispatch speed of this area by 1000%.

How these two machines translate to profitable production

The automatic screw feeder machine is a machine that simply seeks to accelerate the screwing process and at the same time make a count of the parts that enter the production chain. It is not a machine with a very complex job, since it is based on a device where all the screws are placed and through its operation it seeks to align and dispatch them to be screwed. The way in which this machine increases profitability is obviously by the reduction of personnel for the classification of the screws, and by increasing the speed for screwing enormously, something that is vitally important when it comes to continuous mass production.

Following this we have the automatic screw locking machine. This machine works in a slightly more elaborate way: it needs a special programming to signal where the screwing will take place, the force and pressure to be placed on each screw must also be adjusted. This machine collaborates with profitability in a much more active way:

a- It greatly reduces the personnel destined to screw. It will only take personnel to place the pieces to be screwed and remove them once finished, the machine will do the rest.

b- The margin of error when screwing is 0.01%. That said, it is very unlikely that there will be damage to delicate components or that they are screwed out of the preset place. This translates into more mass-produced components with superior quality.

c- The screwing speed is about 10 times higher than the manual and at the same time the same amount of rest is not needed. This allows the machine to work for long periods.

With this, it is clearly seen as a process considered basic, can greatly increase profitability for the company.

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